Memory Loss

Managing Memory Loss in In Dallas, TX, Raleigh, NC & San Jose, CA 

Memory Loss in Dallas, TX

Do you often forget your meeting appointments? Do you have difficulty with concentration and attention to complete a task? Difficulty with findings words or names? Poor academic performance despite studying hard? 

Cognitive problems can occur at any age with many potential causes. It could be undiagnosed sleep apnea, the side effect of medication that you're taking, recent COVID19 illness, undiagnosed mood disorder or Alzheimer's disease. No matter what your age is, if you experience these symptoms please see your doctor. Right diagnosis and treatment can potentially make dramatic difference in the quality of your life. 

The most common form of cognitive problems is Alzheimer's disease which usually affects people in their 70s and 80s. There is net loss of nerve cells and connections in the brain leading to difficulty registering new memories, learning, language processing, attention span and logical thinking.

What causes Alzheimer's disease? 

Your genetics and some risk factors.

The risk factors include - hypertension, depression, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, diabetes, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, hearing loss, traumatic brain injury, air pollution, socially isolated life and lower level of educational.

Genetic association to dementia is complex, but APO E4 is the most common gene linked to Alzheimer's disease. Gene testing is not routinely recommended.

How is Alzheimer's disease diagnosed? Clinical history and exam by your doctor can be sufficient in most cases. Your doctor may order some blood tests (e.g. thyroid function, vitamin levels), urine test, sleep study or brain imaging if needed. Some uncommon types of dementia requires more thorough investigations.

Treatment of Alzheimer's disease? 

Doctor might suggest lifestyle changes and treatment of underlying risk factors. Several medications like donepezil, memantine, rivastigmine and galantamine may enhance cognition in many cases. Aducanumab is a novel immunotherapy that can in some cases.

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