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Stroke in Dallas, TX

Stroke occurs due to sudden brain damage that is caused by blockage or damage to a blood vessel. There are two major types - one is ischemic stroke (caused by blockage of a blood vessel) and the other is hemorrhagic stroke (caused by rupture of a blood vessel). Depending on the location of the damage in the brain, patients experience sudden loss of a brain function. Common symptoms include weakness on one side of body, drooping of one side of face, trouble speaking, loss of vision and balance problems. Stroke is a medical emergency and upon experiencing any of these symptoms patient or bystander should immediately call 911. Timely intervention can limit or reverse some of these deficits.

Strokes are Preventable!

80% of the strokes are preventable! That means if you address the risk factors and adopt good lifestyle measures from younger age, you probably will never have a stroke. Most important stroke risk factors include hypertension, smoking, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and sedentary lifestyle.

Diagnosis of Stroke

Diagnosis of stroke requires clinical exam and brain imaging and.treatment depends on the type and cause of stroke. In ischemic strokes alteplase, telecteplase can be used in the first few hours of stroke onset. Blood thinners like aspirin, clopidogrel, ticagrelor, apixaban, rivaroxaban can be used as indicated. In hemorrhagic strokes, urgent blood pressure management is of utmost importance along with clotting factors if indicated.

Depending of the type and level of severity, patients can benefit from physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy. It may take 3-6 months for brain to recover, which may not be complete. Majority of stroke patients make reasonable recovery and can live near normal lives afterwards. Patients with more severe strokes may require additional longer term treatments.

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